Board Kings Free Rolls Daily 2023

If are you searching for the best funny game on your mobile device, you can enjoy to play the board kings game. You can get Board Kings Free Rolls Daily Gift with Rewards. The game is available for your Android and iOS device. Start to play the Gaming Journey.

Board Kings Free Rolls Daily

About the Game:

Board Kings is a unique and addictive board game developed by Jelly Button Games. It offers a fresh take on the board game experience by integrating city-building elements. In the game, you embark on a journey as a cute character, traveling around your customized game board, and aim to build the best city while collecting various resources, and, of course, those all-important rolls!

How to Play Board Kings:

Roll the Dice: Start by rolling the dice to advance your character. The rolled number determines your movement.

Build Your City: As you land on spaces, construct buildings, add landmarks, and upgrade your city for prosperity.

Visit Friends: Head to your friends’ boards, seize their coins, and give their buildings a friendly – it’s all part of the game!

Collect Rolls: Acquire rolls to progress by landing on roll symbols, completing daily tasks, and more.

Complete Missions: Embark on missions and quests for rewards like rolls, coins, and valuable items.

Protect Your City: Safeguard your city from potential funny action by friends and rivals.

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Get Free Rolls with Daily Gifts & Bonus:

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – how to get those coveted free rolls every day in Board Kings. Here are some tried-and-true methods:

Daily Bonus: Log in daily to claim your daily bonus, which often includes free rolls. The more consecutive days you play, the better the rewards.

Roll Symbols: Keep an eye out for special roll symbols on the board. Landing on these symbols can get you additional rolls.

Daily Tasks: Complete the daily tasks and missions offered in the game. These tasks often reward you with rolls and other valuable items.

Gifts from Friends: When your friends visit your board, they can leave you gifts, which may include rolls. Return the favor by visiting their boards too.

Events and Promotions: Board Kings frequently hosts special events and promotions that offer bonus rolls and rewards. Participate in these events to maximize your roll collection.


Board Kings is an engaging blend of board game enjoyable and city-building strategy. By following the tips outlined in this post, you’ll be well on your way to the game with a steady of free rolls. So, roll the dice, build your dream city, and enjoy the endless fun of Board Kings!

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